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History of Children’s Lives

We are currently learning about the lives of children in the past. I wonder what the poll results will show!

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BOOK FAIR: Hi guys, Daisy and Libby here from Enterprise club (Y6)

We’re holding a competition to win a £5 book voucher for our book fair. All you’ve got to do is design a slogan for the book fair, to make people want to come. Also, the winning design will be published onto posters around the school. You can draw or design your slogan on a computer or on paper. As long as we get it e.g via email or give it to either us or Mrs Saville.

Mrs Saville’s email is:

Have fun designing!

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Music Workshop

Miss Pallister’s class are currently taking part in a weekly music workshop taught by 6th formers from NK School. They are exceptionally enthusiastic to be learning how to use the outside instruments and will be performing their composed pieces later in the year. Keep your eye on the blog for dates. (Don’t worry Mrs South’s class, you will be taking part in this workshop next term!)


Hockey coaching

Hockey coaching

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their first week of hockey training. Here they are learning how to hold the hockey stick correctly so that they can maintain control of the ball. Can you remember where to put your hands?


Hockey Coaching

Just a quick reminder that your hockey coaching starts this Friday afternoon so please ensure that you have your outdoor PE kit in school. The coach also advised that if you have shin pads and a gum shield to bring them in. Please do not worry if you don’t, you will still be able to participate. It will be great to see you progress and perhaps have a tournament at the end.




Factors and Common Multiples

Here is the link to the game that we used to help develop a further understanding of factors and common multiples. Have a go at home and let us know what you think.





Remember to blog at least once per month on the Reading at Home tab to review what you are reading at home. Try to comment on AF1, AF2, AF3 and AF4 as these are the areas that we have discussed in class so far.



100 Words Y5 Laila

Last week we moved house, I now have my own bedroom again! I had a wooden playhouse at the end of my garden and my dad had to take it down and gave it away as firewood. Because it was there for such a long time all of the grass underneath was dead,so my dad had to sow some more grass seeds. My parents have been busy unpacking the house all day long,as I walked into my room today most of the room has been unpacked and I saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel!.


100 Words Y5 Darcy

Yesterday my brother, my sister and I were going for an afternoon stroll in the park. Suddenly a red squirrel came out in front of us and kept on jumping up and down so I decided to bend my knees and bow down to the interesting creature. I looked into its little beady brown eyes as it stopped nibbling its acorn, I whispered “hey little fella, what’s the matter on your tiny little mind” It just looked at me shocked as a child looking at all their Christmas presents, and then I saw a bright light.? 


All Saints Y5 Phoebe

I can smell burning.
It’s not just like a lit matchstick, it’s so much bigger, something as big as a house.
” Mum,” I call, but nothing.
“MUM!” A little louder, but still nothing.
Maybe she went to the pub, she’s been doing that a lot lately.
“Dad,” I call.
“DAD!!!” I wail, they wouldn’t just leave me alone like this. They couldn’t.
I rang nan but she didn’t listen. She thought I was pranking her! This time I really wasn’t.
I crept down the stairs to see what was going on. It was getting warmer and I was getting scared.
I got a terrifying feeling, and then I saw a bright light.
A burning mass of flames.


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