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Guided reading and SMSC

Well done to the first group to look at the bedrooms from around the world activity. I can see that some of you have really started to think about how the images make you feel.

Remember to refer to the questions on the page to help to support your thinking. You also need to remember to use P.E.E to expand on your responses, give reasons. I look forward to reading the rest later in the week.


Bedrooms from around the World!

Visit the SMSC link to look at some bedrooms which belong to children from around the world. We will be looking at some of these during guided reading time and we would like you all to comment on the blog. 


Romeo and Juliet

romeo and juliet

Our literacy and drama learning journey is all about Romeo and Juliet. We have learnt how forbidden love means that two people are not allowed to be together because their family’s are rivals. This morning and afternoon we have been using drama to explore older language and what it means. To get to understand what it was like to be in the story, we dressed up and got into role of one of the characters in Romeo and Juliet. Our focused freeze frame inspiration was from the prologue (a small section of the story to get you hooked in) of the story Romeo and Juliet. Our morning and afternoon was extremely fun and it required alot of concentration through the heat!

Written by KL and IE (Y5 BLogging Managers)


Gustav Klimt Art Learning Journey!

ImageFor the last two days we have been working on designing and creating our own Forbidden Love collages. We have develped a range of tequniques since we did our skills lesson, which was when we had to draw a section of the Gustav Klimt painting ‘The Kiss’, getting it as close to the original as possible (Observation).

We were inspired by Gustav Klimt and we looked carefully about what we were doing and how it was done. Before the start of term we studied it for our homework and we produced great pieces of art. Some of them were even showed at the Learning Exhibition on Wednesday  7th of May. We enjoyed this Learning Journey. Did you??



Written by O.T


SMSC Visit the New Page

There is a new page/tab at the top of your blog with a link to social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning. Please visit this regularly. You could comment on your weekly focus in class or an experience from out of school. There is a link to some short stories with morals to get you started.



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Bikeability questions.

Well done those of you who have written a question for your friends. Let’s see some more please Year 5.

Now use the leaflet to help you answer the questions that have been asked.

Miss Pallister


Bikeabilty leaflet to read as homework

SSP Highway Code Booklet 2

SSP Highway Code Booklet 3

SSP Highway Code Booklet 4

SSP Highway Code Booklet 5

SSP Highway Code Booklet

You need to familiarise yourself with this road safety information for cyclists before next week. We would like you to write a question on the blog for your friends about road safety, which they can then find the answer to in the leaflet.



Year 5 will participate in the Bikeability training next week. Miss Pallister’s class will complete the training on Monday 12th May 9.00-3.00 and Tuesday 13th May 9.00-3.00pm. Mrs South and Mrs Jepson’s class will complete their training on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th May.

A letter was sent home today which will give you more information about what you need to bring to school. Please see a teacher if you have any concerns. The letter is also attached here.


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