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Homework 24/9/14

Your spellings for this week are: aggressive, competition, controversy, develop and disastrous.

Remember to send your teacher a 100 word challenge to contribute to your class competition points! This week use the words in a descriptive narrative.

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Here are your next week’s spellings. They will be tested, in class, on Friday 26th September

Lots of children have explained to me how they have learned their spellings this week. Some have written them in sentences, some have written them on whiteboards, some have said them outloud while others have had mini tests at home. It’s really up to you how you learn them.

Don’t forget, your efforts will contribute to your class success in the Year 5 and 6 competition.

Include the words in a 100 word challenge – this week the genre is a diary
Make sure you e mail to your teacher and it will be posted on our 100 word challenge blog – earning extra points for your class.
Happy spelling!

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Spelling Homework


-Every Wednesday, your weekly spellings will appear on the blog.

-Your homework will be to learn the spellings so that you can spell them independently in the class spelling competition on Friday afternoon.

-Each class will test their spellings as a group and record their accuracy as a percentage.

-The class with the highest percentage will be the spelling champions!

-Over the term the scores will be recorded and the overall winning class will be awarded the ‘spelling prize’.

-If you would like to score extra points for your class, you can enter the ‘100 word challenge.’ This involves writing a short piece of text using all of current week’s spelling words and text type. This should be emailed to Mrs Anderson or Mrs Taylor so that it can be posted on the blog. Of course, the spellings in this text must be 100% accurate in order to be entered!

The spelling words for Wednesday 10th September are:

The 100 challenge text type is: Newspaper report

Your first spelling challenge will be on Friday 19th September.

Good luck!


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