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Homework 28.1.15


HOMEWORK – Year 5 28.01.15


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Your 100 word challenge for this week is to write a newspaper report     about anything that interests you. It could be about extreme weather, a     crime, a strange and mysterious series of events or anything else that you     might read about in a newspaper.









Alongside the mental maths test, complete these multiplication questions to help you practise what we have been learning in class. Use the method we have been working on, and try to explain to your adult at home how you are calculating:

  1.  34 x 5 =                2.  67 x 8 =             3. 68 x 4 =

4.   342 x 6 =               5. 256 x 3 =            6. 455 x 4=

7.   35 x 10 =               8. 41 x 12 =            9. 561 x 34 =

Remember to estimate before you calculate!


Learning objective:

To be able to use full speech punctuation


At home, interview somebody about an incident that was funny or embarrassing for them- eg a time when mum realised she had left her slippers on when she went out, or when Gran accidently hugged a stranger when she thought she was hugging you!

Ask questions to discover who, what, where when and why then write this up as direct speech.



Question: What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

Mum: Errr, I went to Asda and when I looked at my feet I realised I had my slippers on!

Question: When did this happen?

Mum: About 5 years ago, quite late at night. Maybe about ten o clock.

Question: Why did you go out in slippers?

Mum: Well it was an accident! But I was rushing about so much trying that I just forgot to change in to my shoes.


Then turn this into direct speech as follows:


The interviewer asked mum “ What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?”

“Erm,” mum mumbled, looking down and blushing, “I went to Asda and when I looked at my feet I realised I had my slippers on!”

“When did this happen?” the interviewer questioned.

“About 5 years ago, quite late at night,” she looked away, thinking. “Maybe about ten o clock.”


Recorder playing!

As part of their music learning journey, the children have been learning to read music notation and then use that skill to play the recorder. It has certainly been a challenge to remember how long the note should be played for, what note it is and how to play that note on the recorder, as well as keeping to the rhythm. The children have found it extremely enjoyable and made outstanding progress in their music learning. Well done year 5!

Recorders 1 Recorders 3



Year 5 debate

Debate 2 Debate 1 Debate 3 Debate 4

To conclude our literacy learning about persuasion, year 5 planned and took part in two debates. The first one was about reducing our carbon footprint and the second one was about building a factory next to school. Each year 5 class debated against the other class. We planned our argument and also a counter argument by antipating what the opposition would say.



Homework 21.01.15

Homework week 3 Times table grid blank

Please click on the links for this weeks homework. The children have requested that blank times table grids be available also for practising.


Mrs Radwell and Mrs Strathmann.

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Netball intra-class competition

Netball1 netball2 netball3 netball4 netball5

This week the two year 5 classes competed against each other in a friendly netball tournament. Each class was split in to four teams who competed against each other, with one winning team from each class playing each other in a final. Although Mrs Radwell’s class was victorious, all children showed good sportsmanship and thoroughly enjoyed the tournament.


Homework 07.01.15

Please click on the link to see this weeks homework. There is also a mental maths activity which will be given out.

It would be great to see lots of 100 word challenges in also!

Homework spring week 1

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Spellings for test on 9.1.14










Welcome back! The children were given spellings to learn over the holidays. In case they have been misplaced, above is a copy.


Thank you.

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