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Upcoming School Trip

Next term we will be visiting the National Holocaust Centre in Newark and experiencing their ‘Journey’ tour. It is a fantastic experience and will be a great way to support our World War Two Learning.  The visit is on May 18th and we will be needing parent helpers so if you are interested in coming along please let your child’s class teach know as soon as possible.

Please remember that all children will need a packed lunch on the day.

What do you already know about World War Two? The journey is a story of a Jewish boy, called Leo, living in Berlin in 1938. Can you predict what life would have been like for him?


Super solar elcipes!

image image

On Friday 19th March 2015, it was the solar elcipes at 9.41AM! To view safely, so that we didn’t become blind by the force, we used paper/card with a whole inside to watch the eclipes. We saw a cresant when we put it on the wall. The next full/total eclipes will be in 2090!


By Millie and Carys.


The Deep

Year 5 had an amazing time at The Deep. What was your favourite part?

the deep 10 the deep 9 the deep 8 the deep 7 The deep 6 The deep 5 The Deep 4 The Deep 3 The Deep 2 The Deep 1


Adult helpers needed!

On Thursday 26th March, year 5 will be spending the afternoon cooking pasta as part of their design and technology learning journey.

If any parents/grandparents are able to assist in their child’s classroom for the afternoon, please contact Mrs Radwell or Mrs Strathmann.

Many thanks.

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Kwik cricket and rounders event


We will be entering the Kwik Cricket and Rounders qualifiers during June, in the hope that our school can qualify for the Sainsbury’s Summer Games in July; this is due to be held at Yarborough Sports Centre and is a fantastic opportunity for your child to participate in a competitive sports event.  Last year the children even got to meet some British Olympic stars.

To give ourselves the best opportunity to qualify, I would like to run some training events after the Easter Holidays.  They will run on a Monday night, straight after school until 4.15pm.

If your child would be interested in attending these events please contact me as soon as possible via email ( or in person.  Once I have judged interest, I will let you know the training dates and times.

Thank you in advance

Mrs H Taylor

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Information for The Deep trip

A few key points for the trip on Tuesday 10th March:

1) You will need a packed lunch.

2) You will need to be in school for 8.45am-we intend to leave at 9am-please do not make us late.

3) We will arrive back in tme for 3.20pm.

4) You may bring up to £3 in an envelope to spend in the shop-you must be responsible for ths money yourself.

5) You need to wear your school uniform.

If you have any further queries please email me

Many thanks

Mrs Radwell


World Book Day

On World Book Day, all of the activities revolved around extracts from different books. One of the favourite sessions was spent in the studio – Year 5 created a class soundscape that reflected a spooky setting, using an extract from Harry Potter. The children matched the instruments they thought were appropriate and considered how they should be played to create imagery.

world book day 1 world book day 2 world book day 3 world book day 4


Year 5’s Brilliant Biomes!


Today, year 5 have been creating our very own biomes. We had to research about how the different plants and animals would adapt to the biome, so that we could accurately make it. We used the ‘Eden Project’ for inspiration.

by Millie and Carys.


World Book Day

image image


It is word book day!!! Today, year 5 have been busy doing book related activities like creating the castle from the ‘Chronicals of Narnia’. Our theme was Alice in Wonderland, so there were so many white rabbits, Alices and of course, a queen of hearts!


by Mille and Carys


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