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Our periscopes!



Today in year 5, we have been learning how light travels in straight lines and can be reflected. We have been making periscopes to help show light reflects in straight lines between an object and our eyes.


by Jayah and Carys



Alice songs

Click on the link below to practise the songs for the production.

Happy singing!


Magna Carta part 2

Today, the children have been deepening their understanding about the events that led to the signing of the Magna Carta. After hearing the story, Mrs Radwell’s class retold the main events using role play.

Magna carta drama 1 Magna carta drama 2 Magna carta drama 3

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Nelson Mandela guided reading

Today the year 5 classes integrated and worked in groups to identify and compare non fiction structure, language and presentation. They also discovered many facts about Nelson Mandela.

Did you know, it was 51 years ago today he was imprisoned?

Nelso Mandela guided reading

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Homework 10th June

Homework 10th June

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Magna Carta

To celebrate the centenary of the Magna Carta, the children took part in a workshop with Miss McCormick to learn facts about the Magna Carta using drama.

They will be developing this later in the week in class.

Magna carta

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Make Do and Mend

Today Mrs Radwell’s class have continued their history learning about world war 2 with a focus on the home front. Yesterday they discovered foods that were rationed and the reason for it; today they have followed a set of instructions showing how to darn a sock.

Kian darning Josie darning


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