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Bonds to 1!

Can you think of any pairs of decimal numbers which add up to 1?

Can you find pairs with up to 3 decimal places like these Mathemagicians?!

IMG_0287 IMG_0290

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Moon phases

Do you remember the names of all the different moon phases?

Look at the moon tonight, which phase is it in? What causes these?

IMG_0277 Moon phases IMG_0274 IMG_0275IMG_0273

(Note: Actual moon may look different to an oreo cookie)


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Within our music learning journey, we have been listening to ‘Mars-Bringer of War’. One of the main musical features is the ostinato that you can hear at the beginning which runs throughout the majority of the movement. Today, we have experimented with playing our own ostinato on percussion instruments, at a variety of different pitches.

How did the different pitches affect the mood?

What is the difference between a consonant sounding harmony and a dissonant sounding harmony?

image image image image image

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This week we have focused on how to keep the ball away from defenders in a large group by passing and moving, alongside keeping possession.

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Starlincs Planetarium

image image


We were lucky to have a visit from StarLincs, a mobile planetarium. The presentation focused upon the Earth, Sun and Moon. It demonstrated how we have day and night on planet Earth and why we see the phases of the Moon.

We also looked at all of the planets in the solar system discussing their size and shape, distance from the sun and distinguishing features.

What did you find out? What new learning did you acquire?

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Hubble bubble


Have you noticed the model of the Hubble telescope hanging above you in the classroom?

Did you know that on the Hubble website they have their own blog?

Why not check it out and find out why astronomers from around the world met up in Honolulu, Hawaii last August?

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Looking for a more exciting way of learning your spellings this week?

Why not check out Marvellous Max’s countdown conundrum style spelling strategy!   IMG_8311

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Week 2 Literacy

Just a reminder of the homework and the spellings for this week.

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This week in hockey we have been passing through targets. We have developed our push and pass technique varying the distance and target size. Defenders and guards were introduced to try and tackle players and act as goalies, saving the ball with their sticks.

What new skills did you learn today?

image image image



We have carried out an investigation to demonstrate practically the Earth’s rotation to explain night and day and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky. Outside, we measured the length of our shadows at different points in the day. What did you find out?

Does the Sun move across the sky?                                                                                                                      Why do we have night and day?

image image image

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