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Multiplication games

Have a go at these multiplication games.

Found a good one that’s not on the list? Add to the comments section below!

Why not share your scores too… 🙂

Hit the Button

Meteor Multiplication

Space Mission Times Table Challenge

Moon Maths

Space Racer

Pumpkin multiples


Open afternoon

Intake Open Afternoon Advert 2015

open afternoon

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Bikeability information

Pre course information for parents

LetterSSP Highway Code Booklet

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During the first week back after half term, children in year 5 will be taking park bikeability, a course designed to improve cycle control and introduce children to riding on the road. The course consists of 2 days training.

The first day sessions consists of a cycle check, an assessment of riding skills on the playground and some on road cycling. If children reach the required standard in cycling control, they will proceed to the on-road cycling sessions. 

The second day sessions consist of basic manoeuvres at local road junctions. These include left and right hand turns and over taking parked vehicles.

Children who reach the required standard by the end of the course will receive a certificate of competence and bikeability badge.                                                                                                                                                                                   Mrs Tozer’s class will take part on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd November.                                                                Miss Verrall’s class will take part on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th November.

Please make sure that you bring your bikes and helmets into school on these dates.

The attached information consists of a course guide for parents and a Highway code booklet. Please look at these together beforehand.

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Space projects

This week, Year 5 have been completing their own project on ‘Space’ to show their learning their way.

There have been quizzes, posters, stop motion videos and much more. What an amazing bunch!

Projects IMG_0319 IMG_0318 IMG_0316 IMG_0314 IMG_0320

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Literacy and spelling for this week.

Homework 30.9.15


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