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Junk Percussion

Tomorrow, year 5 & 6 will be taking part in a junk percussion workshop.

In these sessions the children will learn to question whether an item is ‘rubbish’ or ‘reusable’ whilst pushing the limits of music and rhythm to another level.

We will have fantastic fun playing them whilst gaining valuable experience of working as a team and old pots, pans, brushes and boxes can all be recycled to form a “Junk” orchestra.

Their own compositions will emerge into their final performance at the end of the day.

If you have any items at home that you could create into a musical item to bring in, such as cardboard tubes as shakers, wooden spoons, plastic bags, small tuber ware containers (drums), please bring them in with you.

Thank you,

The year 5 team

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This week, we are evaluating, designing and creating our own pizza.

We will be making our pizza’s on Wedneday, so please bring the ingredients for your chosen topping in prepared on this day.

image image image

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Today we have been tasting pizzas as well as designing our own. Tomorrow we will be start to make the dough (the school will provide all of the ingredients for the dough). We will be adding the toppings on Wednesday. The school will provide tomato sauce, herbs and cheese, however if you need any extra ingredients for your pizza, please bring them in by Wednesday (You may bring in toppings tomorrow and they will be stored in the fridge with your child’s name on).


Thank you

                                  BY MAX AND GEORGE

What shape is your pizza? What toppings will it have?

Comment below!


Heath and hygiene

Today, we have had a health and hygiene talk delivered by Julia Vause, our chair of governors.

We have learnt all about the importance of food safety, personal hygiene, cross contamination and pizza dangers.image

Can you identify the key hazards in the image?

What key new learning did you find out about today?

What are the dangers that you need to control?

How can we keep ingredients safe?









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We have been finishing our Christmas crafts lately and we will be selling them for £2 at the Christmas fair tomorrow.





Last Friday we had our open afternoon. The children were amazing at showing their work to the parents and the parents were very intrigued to know more.  We are very proud with all the children and we hope that they have enjoyed the open afternoon.


By Max and George

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We’ve appointed 2 class bloggers: Max and George! They will be adding some posts very soon to make sure we are sharing our learning.

Be sure to comment on it!

Today in maths the class were amazing at adding and subtracting decimals and BEGGED for a few more to try at home:

7.42 + 0.04

3.23 – 0.13

5.6 + 6.78

2.34 – 1.27

Challenge: Can you create a word problem involving decimals? It can be to do with how much change you get when Christmas shopping,  how much ribbon you will need for a present (in cm) or even how much hot chocolate gets drunk at a Christmas party (ml).

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Christmas Craft

We have been very busy today, creating our Christmas decorations to sell at the Christmas Fair.

image image image image image image image

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image image image image

This week, we have been adding different effects. We have learnt how to add commentary, sounds, animate a character and consequences. The different effects have been added to our Maze games to enhance them.

What new skills have you learnt?

Can you explain the steps to someone who hasn’t used these before?


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Life as a Roman soldier

By Eloise

image image


We have been learning about the life of a Roman soldier, also we learnt about the advantages and disadvantages. Would you want to be a soldier and fight for the Roman army?

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