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Year 5 and 6 ‘Quiz Night’

On Thursday 24th March (2-4pm) Year 5 and 6 are holding a ‘Quiz Night.’

We need your participation to make this event as fun and successful possible!

Check your school email to see how to enter your TEAM.

There are prizes to be won and some refreshments will be provided, courtesy of the school PTA.

If an adult would like to support us by volunteering as the QUIZMASTER please contact one of the Y5/6 team.

See email for further details and team registration form.

Please contact  your child’s teacher if you require further information.


Debating about homework!

Today, we have held a debate in our class. We were debating whether or not homework should be banned!

First, the class were split into two groups, one group were against banning homework and the others  wanted it to be banned.

Next, we were given sheets of paper, so we could write our points of view.

After, we sat in specific places so we were able to see the speaker (Chloe.c, as she was the one that chose the one who was going to speak.)

One after an other each party had the chance to put across their opinions were spoken, with the speaker keeping everyone on track-it was like a massive argument all over homework!

Who would have the most votes?…

Unfortunately,  the  class voted to ban homework altogether.image

By Chloe.c and Freeman.s


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