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The heart and the bottle

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Football skills

We have been continuing to develop our skills with an FA coach.

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Pop Lacrosse

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Homework Thursday 26th May

Literacy homework

Create your own sentence guide.

Be as creative as you like. Choose a variety of the terminology below, explain what they mean and give examples to show what they mean.

-Relative clause

-Subordinate clause

-Main clause

-Different types of sentence (simple/compound/complex)

-How to use an exclamation

-Active and passive sentences

Maths homework

Choose the most appropriate Big Maths sheet to complete.

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E – Safety

Dear Parents,
Today the children took part in an informative E – Safety meeting. They discussed many important topics and recapped on many important ways to stay safe online.
Our visitor Mr Jefferies, who delivered the workshop, also left many important links and websites for parents to gather advice on different E- Safety issues.
This link takes you to Mr Jefferies personal webpage full of useful links and advice:

Other E-Safety websites include: (This website helps you to check which media is age appropriate for your child)
We hope you find these useful and informative,
Mrs Tozer
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The heart and the bottle

Dear diary,

My mind has just blown. I had spent all day at pre-school (creating a special picture), I was so excited about it; but I’d worked all day for nothing. My first tear fell and dropped to the floor; loneliness, depression and anger filled me – I was engulfed by sadness.

After all the fun we had, granddad, my granddad was gone. I ran far as possible to the beach and stared at the constellations but this didn’t sooth me. I wanted the world to swallow me up.

If anybody reads this, please help me bring him back.

Love Sophie x

By Tobie Woodhall.

In year 5, we have been exploring and responding to the book ‘The heart and the bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers. This book has inspired me to create an amazing peace of work for everybody to see. I thought it would be a quick piece of work but I was wrong; it was a fun experience.

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