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Homework 14.12.16


Find out about Christmas in another country. How does it differ to how you celebrate Christmas? What do you think the true meaning of Christmas is?


t2-m-2178-y5-christmas-mental-maths-challenge-cards_ver_1 t2-t-987-year-4-christmas-mental-maths-challenge-cards

Work through some of the mental maths challenge cards. Think carefully about the most suitable mental strategies that you could use to help you. Make jottings if needed.

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Homework 7.12.16

Watch the clip of ‘The Longest Journey’.


Two snow people fall in love one snowy evening.  When morning comes Mr Snowman has disappeared, set off on a tough journey over field and fell.
Why has he gone on this journey?  What has made him travel into the city?

Choose one of the following tasks to complete, showing your Y5 writing skills. Make sure that you take care with your handwriting.

  • Write a description of the snowman’s journey.
  • Write a dialogue between the two snow people.
  • Write a narrative based on the snow people moving – you could describe the moment when the moon came out and everywhere went dark.  Slowly the snow people come alive, perhaps just a wink or the wiggle of a carrot nose etc.


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