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Homework – 22.2.17

Y5 Homework

22.1.17 (to be handed in 27.2.17)


In the last week of term, each class were tested on the spellings from the week and we took the average score from both. It was a draw! We were really impressed by those children who had worked hard to remember their spellings and some managed to double their scores. Keep it up by thinking about which method suits you.   Some people need to write them out and cover them up to make them stick in their brain, some people like to make the shape of the word in their head and be able to picture it to remember it. Sometimes, people even create little pictures from the words and spot letter patterns as a memory hook. It doesn’t matter which method you use if it works for you!














You will be either given a multiplication booklet or will need to use these skills to solve these multiplication problems if you already know your facts.  Only those children who can confidently recite their multiplication facts won’t be given a booklet so make sure you collect it if you need it!


3663               0.34           0.039          1200.07             23.1

x    7              x    8           x     9           x        7            x  13



You use can use a colon to separate independent clauses when the second explains or emphasises or explains the first.


I love my cat: she is so fluffy.

It was very windy today: A huge tree blew over!


You can also use them to introduce an item or list of items.

e.g. I needed to take lots of things to school today: my P.E. kit, lunchbox, pencil case, wellies and coat.


Can you add a clause or list of items to these using a colon?


1)  I forgot so many things today

2)  What a day

3)  I really need to find my purse

4)  I met with lots of friends last week



Challenge: Write your own of each version and remember to think about one to explain and one to emphasise.

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Book fair competition

Book Fair Quiz

Here is an electronic copy of the quiz, which must be returned by Monday 6th.

The names for the question about Nancy Drew are:


Diana Dare

Helen Hale

Stella Strong

Nelly Nash

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