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on March 23, 2017

Year 5 will be taking part in ‘Bikeability’ next term.  You have been sent some information today about what you need to check about your bike before then.  You will need to bring in your bike and helmet for this, as they are no longer able to provide any equipment.


Your child’s bike should:

o Not be too big or too small. Your child should be able to stand on tip-toes whilst in the saddle.

o Have working front AND rear brakes. Brakes should work quickly when engaged and should not lock in position. Note: Fixed-wheel bikes with no independent braking are not road legal in the UK and cannot be used for Bikeability.

o Have road worthy tyres. Tyres should not be bald in any area or have splits, bulges or cuts in the side walls.

o If equipped with gears those gears should change smoothly and not skip or catch when changing. Chains should not be rusty.

o Not have stabilisers or any other balance aid (unless by prior agreement with Lincolnshire County Council Bikeability).

o If you are in any doubt about the road worthiness of your child’s bike you should arrange for the bike to be inspected by a qualified cycle mechanic. Most local bike shops can provide this service for you at a reasonable price.

Bikeability is designed to teach your child the skills needed to be a confident and effective road user whilst on their bike, it is not suitable for children who cannot ride a bike. Our instructors may be able to teach some basic ‘learn to ride’ skills but if your child is unable to ride unaided (or only with stabilisers) they should not participate in Bikeability training.

You can help your child prepare for the course by spending some time practicing:

* Starting and stopping safely

* Riding in a straight line

* Using gears

* Observation skills, including looking behind them whilst riding forward

* Signalling, including removing a hand from the handlebars whilst pedalling


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  1. Craig says:

    Thanks to the instructors I’m better at cycling Hannah

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