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Y5 Homework 26.4.17

Y5 Homework

26.4.17 (to be handed in 2.5.17)


Revise your spellings for the week and make sure you can spell them ready for our class challenge. Try to use these words in your writing and conversations over the week!














Due to Bikeability this week, we are only sending one activity home because all of the children have completed their learning at different times over the week and are at different points.

In our reading, we have been looking at justifying our opinions using evidence from books.  We have used images and text to do this.  A good answer has 3 aspects and we use Point, Evidence, Explain to remember these.

Choose one character from this image and explain how you think they are feeling. Remember the 3 key points.


e.g. I think that the child at the front is feeling quite nervous about speaking in front of the class.  I think this because she is clutching her arm behind her back.  This makes me feel that she is almost trying to ‘hug’ herself to ensure that she feels more secure when speaking to an audience.


Underline the 3 aspects to your answer to check you have each point.



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Last term you received information about ‘Bikeability’ for our Y5 pupils.  This is due to take place next week.  If you haven’t yet returned your signed form, please do so by the end of this week.  Pupils in Mrs Tozer’s class will take part in Bikeability on Monday 24th April and Tuesday 25th April.  Mrs Saville’s class will take part on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please ensure that your child has a bike and helmet in school on these days. These can be left in the bike sheds overnight for the following day.


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Waddington Ridges and Furrows Project

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Homework Club

Do you want a quiet place to concentrate?  Some extra help with what you’re doing?  We are running a homework club every Tuesday lunchtime at 12.50 in the library.  Everyone is welcome.  Just bring your homework and anything else you need and we can support you however we can.


Y5 Homework 19.4.17

Y5 Homework 19.4.17

We have had a great start to the term.  Well done!

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