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Homework 11.5.17

on May 10, 2017

10.5.17 (to be handed in 15.5.17)


Revise your spellings for the week and make sure you can spell them ready for our class challenge. Try to use these words in your writing and conversations over the week!












We have recapped the use of commas to separate independent clauses and fronted adverbials this week to improve our ‘flashback’ writing.


James was feeling extremely tired, so he went to afternoon power nap.

Cautiously, the fox glided past the farmer’s window in pursuit of the delicious hen.

Storytellers often use flashbacks in their narrative. It is a way of telling the reader more about a particular character. It can also be used to communicate important information about the narrative to the reader or viewer. Writing a flashback often starts in the present before ‘flashing’ back to the past and finally returning to the present.

Using no more than 150 words, can you write a short flashback narrative of a situation where you have had a flashback. It may have been when you were running late for school or visiting a place you have not been to in a while. It could even be a made up situation.

Eg Eating my slightly burnt toast as I ran down the driveway, my mind travelled back to the last time I was late for school. It was a Thursday morning, and we had a school trip planned. The bus was to depart at 9am prompt with the teacher explicably stating that if you were late: you didn’t do go. Everything you could imagine went wrong that morning…


We have learned about Angles during maths this week. We have learned about different types of angles and rules that apply to them. Can you come up with a memory hook page or poster that will help you, and others, learn and or remember key information about angles.

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