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Homework 17.5.17 (to be handed in 23.5.17)

on May 16, 2017


Revise your spellings for the week and make sure you can spell them ready for our class challenge. Can you create a ‘word search’ and hide your spellings from your family and friends or even your teacher?

cautious                                                               infectious                                            atrocious

cautiously                                                            nutritional                                           spacious

luscious                                                                fictitious                                               nutrition



We have looked at the ‘past perfect’ tense this week in grammar. We use the past perfect when we are talking about an event which has been completed before something else happened.

Eg:          I finished cooking the dinner. Then my guests arrived.


I had just finished cooking the dinner when my guests arrived.

It uses the past tense of ‘to have’ (had).

Can you convert these sentences into the perfect past? The sentences must make sense, so say them before you write them.

Jan finished her dinner. Then she sat down to watch TV.

I turned off the lights. Then I went to bed.                                                                                                           Our class got off the bus. Then we walked into the museum


We have applied our growing knowledge of angles to properties of tirangles this week. Use your reasoning skills to answer 2 of the following 3 questions. You pick which 2 questions to tackle.

  1.         Look at this diagram.

Calculate the size of angle x and angle y.

2.  Triangle ABC is isosceles and has a perimeter of 20 cm.

Calculate the length of the side BC.

Sides AB and AC are each twice as long as BC.

3. A triangle has 2 angles measuring a total of 130 degrees. Each of these 2 angles measures the same. What type of triangle is it? What are the measures of all 3 angles?

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