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Y5 Homework

on June 14, 2017

homework 14.6.17-1f6q2ew

14.6.17 (ready for 21.6.17)


Revise your spellings for the week and make sure you can spell them ready for our class challenge.

truant                          truancy                        infant                           infancy                        

reliant                          servant                        elegant                        elegance

radiant                         radiance                      


Focus on the ending of these words. They have similar endings.

(Remember ance, ant and ancy can often be added to the same root word)

Don’t forget, we will also be testing you on the next 12 spellings from the Year 5 list we sent home.

Especially                     aggressive                    conscience                   exaggerate                  

Amateur                      conscious                     excellent                      ancient

Controversy                 existence                     apparent                      convenience



We will be focusing on adding single digits to 2 digit numbers in our mental math test next week.

Eg 72 + 9.

You will only be given 5 seconds to answer these questions, so make sure you practise some this week timing yourself.



Think of three characteristics of one of your main characters in your current reading book. How do these compare to your own?

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