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Year 5 Homework

on September 20, 2017

Please make sure you have practised your spellings and mental maths ready for our class test next Wednesday.  You do not have to print this homework at all – just copy the words into your homework book so you can practise them whenever you want to.  Practise your mental maths verbally too.  We have been so impressed with how many children scored 10/10 this week!

The spelling trophy had to be shared though because the average score across both classes was 7.7!  I wonder which class will be victorious next week?












Mental Maths

We have revised our 9 x table this week.  Make sure you can recite them in any order.  Remember to use ‘product’ and ‘factor’ from last week but this week add in ‘squared’.

e.g. 2 factors of 18 are 9 and 2.  The product of 9 and 2 is 18.  9 squared is 81.


Comment on this post if you want to share how you’ve got on with it.


13 Responses to “Year 5 Homework”

  1. Archie :) says:

    we have been learning maths NINJA STYLE(ninja)

  2. Donna Scaife says:

    Mr Holman
    I have just practised all my spellings with mummy and I got all of them apart from superstitious, I struggled with that one a little bit. Preston.

  3. Amelia says:

    Hi Mrs Saville I have just done my homework and I have got fictitious wrong the first time but I got it right the second time.

  4. Harris says:

    🙂 🙂 I just finished all my homework for this week , and got all of my spellings correct apart from contentious, I missed out on the 2nd n. Good luck in the spelling test on Wednesday


  5. Nico says:

    I have written my spellings to help me learn them and I am practicing my mental maths. my mum and dad are testing me over the weekend 😀😀

  6. Roslyn says:

    I really want to win the trophy this week

  7. Maya Hewitt says:

    Hi,I’ve practised the maths verbally at home and I feel ready for the test tomorrow.

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