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Terrific Textiles

We started our textiles learning journey today by looking at the work of Claire Louise Mather.

pic 2 pic 1

We started writing a critique of her work.

techniquesWe investigated the different techniques used to decorate textiles: embroidery, applique,

quilting, painting etc.

IMG_0506[1]Here are some designs for our own textiles. They are based on a winter/Christmas        theme. The children thought about colours, shapes as well as the different techniques they had learned about in order to create a really interesting design. Let’s see how they turn out! I can’t wait!






Musical performance

Wow! What a fantastic performance on the outdoor instruments. This class did itself proud! A huge thank you to the BTEC Music students from North Kesteven School for all of their hard work and a big well done to the Year 5s themselves. A combination of Jingle Bells, The ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ theme tune and Little Donkey were played masterfully on the outdoor instruments while the crowd were encouraged to clap and sing along. Everyone was left with a feeling of Christmas cheer!

IMG_0494[1] IMG_0500[1] IMG_0493[1]


Homework and spellings due tomorrow

Homework 2.12.15

Spellings and literacy homework due tomorrow



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Sentence openers

Over the past few days we have been working on sentence openers. Here are some you can finish off (if you are up to the challenge):

Sulking in the shadows,

Avoiding the staring eyes,

Climbing higher and higher,


From the next room,

From outside,


In the distance,

As the fragile snow fluttered down from the granite-grey sky,

In perfect unison,

Many miles away.



Please comment you results/sentences to join in our sentence starters competition. Whoever makes the best one will be cheered by the class.




Delicious Pizza



We have had great fun making pizza today.

What were the strengths of your pizza?

Did your pizza meet your criteria?

Did you change anything during the making process? Why?

Were you pleased with your finished product? Why?



Pizza Bases

image imageimageimage image


We created our pizza bases today. Remember to bring in the ingredients for your topping tomorrow.

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Percussion workshop

image image image image image image


Using junk instruments, we created a Samba band. We thought carefully about the heart of a samba band, the beat, which comes from a drum and added layers with different sounds.


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