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Y5 Homework – 25.1.17

Y5 Homework 25.1.17

Just to clarify – this is a link to the homework so you need to click on the link to open the document.  You will also have your multiplication sheet to take home.

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Brilliant Biomes

Year 5 are busy creating their biomes, using the information from their Geography Learning Journey.  Which biomes can you see?

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Lincolnshire Echo!

Thank you so much to the Lincolnshire Echo for a superb piece about our experience with Tension VR.  It was brilliant to see ourselves in the paper.

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Year 5 Homework 18.1.17

Y5 Homework 18.1.17

Don’t forget to collect you maths booklet from your teacher!

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ITV’s The Money Saving Good Food Show

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Homework 11.1.17



  • Read a chapter of your reading book. Write down any examples of relative clauses within the text that you have identified.
  • Look at the picture below. Write a paragraph about the image using a relative clause within each sentence. Remember to think about the relative pronoun and noun that the clause is adding information about. Use all of your year 5 writing skills.

Explore changing the position of the relative clauses to see the effect on the sentence.


The ‘ear’ spelling pattern

We have investigated the different sound that the ‘ear’ spelling pattern makes.  We’ve found 3 different sounds. E.g search (er), beard (ear), pear (air).

Can you write your own string of words for each pattern?

Which is the most common sound from what you find?

Can you write your own poem using as many of these words as possible?

Extra task: Try to make lines one, two and five rhyme and then lines three and four rhyme with each other.


Please complete the mental maths test that you have been given.


Virtually Amazing!

Y5/6 have had a great day with Tension VR.  We visited lots of different biomes around the world to develop our understanding of the geographical and scientific aspects.  We are so grateful to Tension for sharing their new equipment and letting us be the very first children in the country to have the technology within school!

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